Exclusive 5 Tool Baseball Training Program (Updated)

Please note the scheduling change in the 5 Tool Program. We are following the guidance from Little League International and will be adjusting our baseball season schedule as a result. We will keep you notified of any further changes.

We are excited to announce the offering of high performance baseball training through 5 Tool Baseball exclusively for players registered at Trout Lake Little League.

This training opportunity is available for all current Sr Rookie and Minors division players only.

Dates are (6 Sundays): Apr 5(postponed), Apr 19, Apr 26, May 3, May 24, May 31, Jun 7 (new)

Sr Rookie time: 2:30-3:45pm on D2/D3
Sr Rookie price: $75 for 6 classes

Minors time: 4:00-5:30pm on D2/D3
Minors price: $90 for 6 classes

Registration form opens on Wed March 4 at 7:00pm:


Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis.
Spots are limited so remember to sign your player up right away!

* These classes are also open for Sr Rookie and Minors division coaches to participate in (no cost for coaches to attend) as you can assist but also learn new drills and strategies from the 5 Tool Instructors.

If you have any questions please feel free to emailĀ tlplayeragent@gmail.com.