Senior Rookie Information

This division is a progression from Junior Rookies to a more competitive level of baseball. However, softer balls continue to be used to reduce the risk of injury.

The game advances in the following ways:

  • Players are assessed for skill and the division coordinator works with the coaches to draft balanced teams.
  • The pitching machine is set to a higher speed.
  • Players can “strike out.” Each player receives four pitches while at bat, and has the opportunity to leave one “no pitch” as a ball.
  • An inning ends when three outs are recorded by the defense or a run maximum is scored by the offense.
  • Scores and standings are recorded at this level. At the end of the regular season, there is a single-elimination playoff.
  • Players registered for Senior Rookies will be required to attend an assessment in February/early March to help ensure the teams are as balanced as possible. Assessment times are selected during registration
  • In order to balance the teams to enable a fun, competitive, and successful season for all, we do not take requests at this level.

Player Commitment

Teams will have one practice (1.5 hour) and 2 games (2.25 hours).  These will take place once during the week, and twice on the weekend. There may be additional batting practice times, depending on cage availability and coach interest. Team rosters will normally consist of 12 players.  Schedules will be posted in late March.

Parent Commitment

Senior Rookies is NOT a drop-off activity. An adult must stay at the park for the duration of each session. Parents will be placed on a rotational schedule to help with duties such as field prep (practices and games), managing the bench, and concession.

Required Equipment

  • Batting Helmet
  • Baseball glove
  • Jock/Jill
  • Cleated shoes are recommended
  • Grey baseball pants